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Feel the Good Life


So right from the first time of the day, that I open my eyes here is what you don’t need: some Nasty Blaring, Bussing, Beep -Beep-Beep alarm going off.  How does that make you feel?  If you are like most, you want to smash that clock or throw it across the room or at least all it does is produce a frown on your face or a gross feeling of I have to get up; because of that bleeped - bleeped – bleeped clock.

So what do we want? I want the go-to, down to earth, straight forward basics, of feeling the good life in me and this is it.  Now, if you have read stuff or articles’ or books about this before; Yea,  good deal.  For those who have not read so called self help stuff or not anything like that or this before, then great either way, because at least you got started with this reading.  Saying this is the first day of the rest of your life is the simple way to start this off and even better is some actions, re-actions, responses or things to do or a process or examples or methods or ways of thinking or acting to feel the good life. Starting with the beginning of every day; I present to you my simple yet most powerful daily method of feel the good life.

So first thing to start the day or right out of the shoot, a alarm needs to play something nice to wake up to. So the first thing every morning my choice is a good song that is my pleasure to hear. So make it something you really enjoy, like and want to hear. The music or something nice or pleasant to hear, not a Beep-Beep-Beep!  Instead of that lousy feeling you have inside with that nasty alarm noise; you need something that does not start the day with a nasty feeling, but instead a pleasing sound, song or music that makes you happy and feel good.  Well yes of course that makes sense so then do it. 

OK that is the first basic way to start to feel the good life.  This is just that simple, direct, straight forward example and no bull shit way to feel good.  If that is what you want, just keep on reading; (and if not? I hope you already bought the book). See I hope that at least that made you smile. Or if that example makes you think that this is a bunch of bull shit; then maybe you should just try and keep on reading anyway. Just like a lot of things at least give it a try before you dis-connect ; it may just lead to feeling the good life. 

Smile not frown > Make sure your smiling and yes even if you do not feel like it; do it anyway. That’s right even force it; if you have too.  Do you know if you smile it releases the good life; because it really responds in your brain to release T-cells.  So with a grin and the cheeks pointing up in a u-shape; really is for producing happy, pleasant and a good reaction with feelings of the positive nature. So why not, even if you have to stand in front of a mirror and do it on purpose; it is fun. If you don’t believe it, then just try it.   You may even get a jiggle out of it. It is a very important aspect and make up of your brain that will relate to that smile and with a chuckle out of it; even better.  Again even in front of that bathroom mirror first thing in the morning can be a good thing.  Did you know about a famous TV personality  who did this exercise every day  on purpose no matter what and is still kicking after 90 years plus feeling good about it.

Ok more about the smiling later; but get ready because speaking about exercise; Work out first thing in the morning.  What, are you crazy?

Now don’t get all excited and throw this down or out before you just consider what we are getting from feeling the good life. That’s right we have all heard it before; all kinds of stuff from, just get in at least 20 minutes a day; Monday thru Friday, at least get your heart rate up; take a brisk walk; go to the gym; swim; run; tread mill or bicycle or jump rope, dancing, samba, rumba, zumba, jazz-er-size, yoga, calisthenics,  DVD work outs, stair steps, abs machine or a butt  machine; so whatever it takes to get your butt in gear. I am saying of course for you it does not mean a marathon; but yes whatever stage, level or just starting to motivate with exercise, then again just do it. Plus I understand your preference may not be the start of the morning either. However the idea is to really burn the fat; early morning with a longer span of food not in the body leads to instead of the burn off the calories; you have a better chance of the exercise to burn off stored up fat.

 Plus so do you like less stress or no anxiety in your life; do you? Your brain can fight against anxiety and stress; that is right, exercise promotes neurogenesis in the hippocampus part of the brain. OK I know the what; part of what hippo? Exercise promotes this process in the brain that creates and supports new brain cells. Plus makes those brain cells even more resilient that responds to and has the ability to shorten a stressful or anxiety filled situation.  So besides that, I know on days I exercise, I really do feel better; but there is both a physical or medical reason to even prove it.   You all know that regular exercise strengthens muscles, reduces the risk of some diseases and promotes mental well-being. That is really a feel the good life situation.   

So let me share and get a little personal in detail even more than ever.  I want to gift to you (or if you paid for this book) bless you and here is a blow by blow of my first hour of the day.  Get ready and here we go; you already know the nice sounding alarm; (raise and shine) with a smile; and next this is what most everyone does I go use  the  bathroom; wow that is too personal.  Next I shave, (being a guy using a electric razor) however don’t sweat the small stuff; guess what this is optional.  But right after that, I do this right in my home or away on a trip; at least 30 minutes to an hour of getting my heart pumping along with working up a sweat. My only equipment I use is a workout rubber pad (a little thicker/wider than a yoga pad or a yoga pad is fine) and for me a extra knee pad (just like you can get for gardening) so it is much easier on my knees and kneecaps. This is easy to store right under my bed or if I’m at a  motel for example I may lay out a towel on the floor instead of a matt and just use a folded up towel under my knees for softness and if you don’t need that extra padding; then good for you.  The best way to describe what I do as my wife calls it bob-a-yoga or I call it yoga-dough-a, but whatever; I try to do this Monday-thru-Friday and sometimes on the weekends too. I can tell you that for me, it seems to and for sure makes me feel better the rest of the day! Because I can feel a little sluggish on the days I miss, but of course some days’ circumstances may cause me to miss a workout, but I do not beat myself up because of that.  Or if timing only allows a little stretching then so be it. Don’t get the idea that you can then just get out of this that easy; because I seldom miss a weekday because of the feel the good life is a desired plan for me.  I feel that good life when I have done my work out and can tell when I may miss one too.  But I did not beat myself up if by chance I do not have the time to do this. However I would bet I do this work-out at least over 80 or 90% of the time.   OK now with the; Details – details – details of this bob a yoga dough a; with a combination of pushups, yoga with a bit of on the floor Pilates (with a good amount of stretches that  I hope will keep the back flexible in good working order)…… and    & stretch  first with at least some warm up of a couple of stretches and right off the first set is then push-ups, are you kidding, no, I end up doing 4-5 sets of a 100 each, or close to a hundred. Note it is not a full all the way perfect nose to the floor push up; but real close to that; but I still work up a good sweat this way and breathing increases. Next I just do a plank or like the push up position; but toes on the ground and rest on my forearms with parallel to the floor. Also I pushup one arm at a time and back to the forearms and this is tuff with about only 12 reps in the 4 – 5 sets.  Then in between the pushups come different Yoga positions and first’ start from those pushups I come up to the puppy pose [Get on all fours, then extend arms in front of you and melt your heart down toward the floor]. Next I add for sure my lying flat on the floor stomach down with foot/knees and both arms off the ground stretching and one add arm one at a time (like swimming) while the one arm is forward and the one arm that is back just above that side of you buttocks, then bounce your top side of your hand off that buttocks at least 2 or three times and repeat this in a set of 10. That is really my practice for like lying on top of a surf board in the ocean try to paddle (ha-ha).  that have  certain names so I will try to explain these (so please use your imagination for this to imagine my following description) of my routine and channel your energy and breathin’technic- ha-ha. If I can depending on the morning; breath in through your nose and out through the mouth. For real good yoga technique; breath both in and out through the nose.  I may combine certain movements but usually followed by a set of pushups start with plus my real use of the knee pad starts with me on all fours and to the cat/cow [Biralasana, Cat Pose] heavy-controlled-in&out (inhale & exhale)- breathing-bending-the-back-routine & breath thru the nose letting your belly expand [this is really relaxing too done slowly controlled breathing (trying to tie or put those positions together in one movement)and to the lying on the floor routine evolves  to the puppy pose [Get on all fours, then extend arms in front of you and melt your heart down toward the floor] to cobra  and also one part by leaving my knee off the floor instead) [Virabhadrasana], to the Warrior III; to down ward-facing  dog [a inverted V, from all fours with hands shoulder-width apart, press sitz bones (lowest part of the pelvis back, if you can press your heels down to the floor or OK if not; adding lifting one leg over the other for additional stretching called; Adho Mukha Svanasana ] or combine or group postures>[Surya Namaskar] or as I call it Modified-Chadaronga,  together etc works nicely. with the thunderbird (opposite arm & leg movements)

Plus during this I add and really enjoy the balancing movements; only standing  on one foot/leg balance position to pray with hands position to extending to flying/bird and back up to hug a tree or add Eagle Pose)[Garudasana], also standing into combined Warrior I&II is incorporated. 

Next move right to me lying on each side of my body on the floor and lifting my legs up off the floor and my opposite arm up above the floor too.  Then followed by; move to lying flat on my back, I may do a few one leg at a time sit ups (only about half a crunch-so not to hurt the back), or both legs apart in the scissors-spreading the legs apart and back together again. From here flat on your back stretching arms and legs I do a routine of Pilates by bring my arms from over my head to out to me sides (arms still off the floor) at the same time bring you knees bent up to your chest in one motion and then switching one arm and one opposite leg in a up and down opposite motion switching different/opposite leg and arms (if you got that explanation; good for you!) because I would not understand that unless I had done that movement before.  However, it really helps the back muscles and then next while flat on my back I end with  2 more yoga moves.  First with both knees bent with my feet flat on the floor and with hands flat on floor to my sides and then lifting my butt off the ground and to form the Bridge Pose [Setu Bandhasana]. During this I also then stretch one leg straight up pointing to the ceiling and then the other/opposite leg too.  This is followed in the same movement combining the other position flat on my back both knees bent feet flat on the floor; with both arms above your head with my hands flat on the floor and backwards facing above your head. Then lifting so only your hands and feet are touching the floor Upper Facing Bow Pose [Urdvadhanurasana]. These really are some back bending for great flexibility to feel this in all kinds of places as you look back and ever thing is upside down too. Then ending this set or combination I position myself sitting up on my butt  and flat on the floor doing a  [Marichysanana] but with only half of Sage Twist III. This is just bending one knee and lifting one leg at a time over the leg flat on the floor and then only twist as far as you can & holding that with 4-5 breathes and along with that combine with Staff Pose [Dandasana].  Again a better understanding of this is listed with pictures.

 I try to vary this routine three days a week and mainly on Monday-Wed-Friday (or every other day) to add in 5 lb. weights or dumbbells for each hand.

I incorporate these for arm curls and over head lifts of about a 100 each of 3 sets. With those 3 days a week I may do my yoga warrior and hug a tree positions with these weights included.  But that is the only use of weights for every other day.  If my schedule is off or then no problem if I do not have them available, because I can still do my work-out any way.  Or for example if I know that this coming Friday; I have to be up early and maybe I am going hiking or mowing the yard then I change up my routine on Sunday, Tues, Thursday instead. But the most important item is to at least get the work out in at least 5 days or 6 days a week.  Again for sure what every kind of exercise or work out you do;  that is the idea to at least do it.  The pay-off to do it and feel better is worth it. 

For me, the usual every other day routine is based with starting and ending with pushups and putting all the rest of the movements in between each set of pushups. But understand then the days in-between  are no pushups or no weights days. Of course still working out; because in place of the pushups (while completing all the other movements in between), I add the dancer-size aerobics.  This is standing up with my legs shoulder with apart and arms stretched out side to side. Next  moving one foot up about a foot to the out-side and the opposite arm going the opposite way across my body  and then same movement with the opposite side/foot back and forth for a 100 times.  I also will change my pointing my hand/arm that is going across my body in three different variations as pointing more towards the floor to even/level to the ceiling to add a little different arm angle.  Plus this is > Not a big jump up and down pounding on the floor, but more controlled on the foot up and down on the floor (not making a floor noisy/pounding) but sliding and stepping down while I do really concentrate on the breathing and try to work up a sweat with this. I add in some only half knee bends, but with my hands over my head too.

If you can follow that instruction and understand that in my writing?; Way to go! Please see the pages page####s of pictures for examples.  Plus note; that one time in all this there is a small rest period for morning pray (using the knee pad), you bet that is correct and bless all the people in your life (precious, good or bad, alive or died) and say something meaningful for you and that is leading to the good life. So at least 30 minutes to an hour and the next item is just as and this important; first thing in your body;      I drink Water, yes only Water of at least 40 to 48 FL OZ, for real that is it, do not let your gut have anything hit your stomach but good water first thing every day.  No not coffee, your system first needs good old simple life giving water first off. For sure I cannot make this any clearer (just like water).  Don’t get me wrong I do have coffee later on in the morning tho.  Either during your work out or like me, only after my work out (only first item of in the belly is just water); and welcome to my first hour of the day.

For me, next is the shower and then for breakfast only cereal with non-fat milk. If you add some fruit good deal or for a real treat have non-fat yogurt mixed with the cereal instead of milk.  This is my goal for Monday thru Friday. Yes I do take a multi-vitamin and calcium/vitamin D3 tablet (plus for me glucosamine for my joints/knee) and a small dose aspirin. Plus then for dinner take one more each calcium/vitamin D3 & glucosamine tablets. This is important just because the body cannot absorbed both those amounts of milligrams at one time so I spread that dose out to two different meals a day.  Plus the food releases enzymes in the digestive system to better break then down to be absorbed in your body also.  Of course lets’ be understanding if maybe once in a while I have a bigger breakfast or eggs and bacon in the Monday thru Friday routine; OK! (I do not beat myself up for that).  Plus get this as I mentioned before on my regular routine; then my treat is usually 1 or 2 cups of coffee at work or if you really want; how about some green tea or pick a tea type you like; but please remember for after that at least drink a couple glasses of water before and after lunch. Speaking of food just to follow up in the morning I usually make a sandwich for lunch or take something left over from supper the night before; (but never have a big/heavy lunch) do I seldom eat.  But; Guess what tho; anything goes for dinner/supper but I am done eating at least by 5 or maybe 6 PM at the latest!  For a side note I am very lucky because I like the yellow package sweetener my favorite beverage is diet soda or ice tea/lemonade type mixed.  Guess what I am lucky because I enjoy most diet free drinks or sodas and I drink it up. Liquids in the system are helping lead the feel the good life.      

I would like to challenge anyone to just try this (even tho I really don’t like the idea of a challenge to you), but if it that motivates or works for you then great; because a truly deep belief in this process is what I have for feel the good life. One area of feel the good life is physical; (we will talk about and enhance the mental part more later); however these simple and important first items are very, very  crucial for me.  If I can condense this is, to the first thing of the day to do; is to exercise and only water followed by a decent breakfast is a major key to feeling good.  Plus (no excuses) I would promote this because for two major reasons;  time? That’s’ right because I don’t have time in my day to do this; {you have all heard this before too; take some time for yourself and it only makes you a better person and makes others around you feel better too},  well guess what then just add this morning routine then and that settles that. Yes even if you have to get up earlier to do this. But then I will be too tired and what about sleep {which we all know how important a good nights’ sleep is for our well being}; Exactly! you just answered that. Why? Because; second this earlier routine is what promotes a really good nights’ sleep! Again; because of this earlier routine;  1. I have time to do it and 2. an added plus is a good nights’ sleep to boot; that is so very extremely beneficial .  Or even better how about this too since at work; do you have a break then; Walk-walk- walk  because for me at work I have two 20 minute breaks every day  so  Two Mile Walks every day!  The power of walking is amazing in how about get your’ breathing up a little or even if it is just a stroll; good for you with how about just time to clear your head and oh joy if out maybe in the woods or mountains that just took it up to an amazing level. Or even if it was only to get out of the house or office for a few minutes is only going to make you feel better.    But I do not have that much time in a work day so then again: no excuses to at least how about the Practice of Conscious Relaxation (again some yoga technique).  During the day or a stressful moment just take a short 30 seconds to a minute  too just stop, belly breathe, & relax your muscles. That’s right just like right now in the middle of this moment breathe in. . long and through the nose with the belly extending out and even close the eyes if you can and then exhale and the belly coming back in and relax yes relax and feel the relaxation and that old saying in with the good and out with the bad; (are you kidding-No) breath in the good plus relax and release the stress and feel the good life. You all know this that when you are under stress and feel that adrenaline response, even a 30 second stop for the cause of my own well being breathing can derail that stress hormone cascade that happens to us.  Studies on stress have shown that 95% of all illnesses are caused or worsened by stress. Our minds have a powerful influence over our bodies.

Wow that is a good feeling and this is a win-win situation, for no excuses to feel better right now and produce that idea that I’m going to sleep good and even better tonight because of it. What a good deal for you all around. 

So if after that starting your day, (how about if you have to do this at work):  You know what promotes the good life is an upbeat sounding voice message that I leave at work to start the day. It is that same lesson that a person working on the phone is told to smile while you talk to a client or even put a sign up that says smile while talking on the phone. I do that on my voice/phone message every time; because it just sounds better and for sure. . . . Again it is that feel good with a smile routine that is pleasant potion to feel good.  That is so cool and it does not cost you anything to smile.   I believe who cares any way even if you force or make yourself smile; (I mean it; even if you do not feel like it) . . I have tried this on others who say that I do not feel like it and who are so stubborn; they even frown then and refuse to even give it a try; what a waste of energy; why not  just go ahead and smile. . .   

Go ahead; I dare you, try it . . . .see that simple smile makes a simple refection of the feel the good life.  Plus that again may lead to a jiggle, cackle, chuckle and laughter! Oh how great is that. You all know the story of laughter even fighting back a health problem or healing and solving a bad medical issue. That is really strong powerful stuff to do something so very simple and feel good is like a laugh. Try never to hold in a laugh, (now of course you may be in a particle situation where it is inappropriate and will warrant you not to; that is understandable); but all those other times when you can let the laugh out; go forth and enjoy!                                                                              Ever and every chance for a laugh is happiness feel the good life sweetness; (wow oh wow).   Even if something is silly or stupid or like a bad movie but it made you laugh; Don’t try to suppress that feel good silly laughing.     Again I am not saying laugh in some ones’ face or make fun of them if not an appropriate situation for that; but any time for a good laugh of simple joy is a feel the good life moment.   Plus for sure be able to laugh at yourself for goodness sack and it is good too!  Or if a negative thought gets in your brain; then how silly I’m I for that; laugh it off! It sure ain’t worth thinking about or worrying about either.  So use laughter and a smile as a positive process of feel the good life. Is that easy or what and a real no brainer’ too; smile and. . . . .again and again I don’t care what you thing please try it; just a simple smile and it can’t hurt you; just do it and please keep on smiling. 

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to say something nice or positive to someone. You all know this and who cares if it is as simple as tell and speak out loud a small comment like; that’s great, or good for you, way to go; or good job, looking good, well down, smart move, good deal, hope it goes great and have a good time. Plus tons of books and articles have been written over and over again in all forms of methods or ways that are all about any jester of good will or helping someone is a wonderful good thing . Any thing you do good to others positively pays off big time to feel the good life. You all know this plus it also makes you and the other person feel even better.  Even the facts say that the positive feelings we get from our nucleus accumbens and the related brain pleasure center area is based on pleasing others.  Is that cool or what?  I should not and will not go on and on and on about this simple process; but if you need one and only one example; how about just saying the plain old most easy simple saying of all time; thank you. Is that easy and does not cost you a thing; except feeling better.  Did you all get that; with a smile and a thank you. Wow oh Wow; that is not asking anything of you to do that simple easy thing ( or just to make it really easy how about at least saying, thanks (one syllable) or the big one, thanks a lot is so very easy ; but repays in good stuff for feel the good life; thank you.  Speaking of that. . . .

Your millions of thoughts in that brain of yours; think positive; speak -self talk- to yourself in a positive way or notion of good pleasant happy feeling. Any time of course negative stuff does come up but right then and there, strive to knock those feelings Down and Out. I am sharing this saying from someone who already explained this as; “positive self talk”. How about Learning to stop negative thinking and speaking, refocusing on realistic, positive thoughts & words, letting your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions (as Gandhi says) can transform your outlook on life—and relieve a good deal of the stress that life can bring. That person; wow oh wow ; that’s great, way to go, good job, well down, that is good stuff and thank you!  

Positive Attitude that is it!   Again! What you think, becomes what you believe, becomes who you are. Take a leap of faith. Speak and think positively.

                                 OK Look Out Below> for more good stuff to feel the good life;

WHAT'S OUR ATTITUDE;I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM WHO STRENGTHENS ME,The longer I live,             the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.  It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.  It will make or break a company...a church... a home.  The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.  We cannot change our past....we cannot change the inevitable.  The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.        And so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitudes.   Charles Swindoll said "Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it" 

When something negative happens, remind yourself that you have the power to choose how you will respond or react to the event.                                                                                                                                         Respond neutrally or positively rather than negatively                                                                                                      and you will be better able to control your stress level.                                             Charles Givens 


There are only two ways to live your life.

           One is as though nothing is a miracle.

                  The other is as though everything is a miracle.                         Albert Einstein


Excellence is the gradual result of always wanting to do better.     Pat Riley 


It takes as much energy to be miserable as it does to be happy.            Dr. Deborah Bright


The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doughts of today

Let us move forward with strong and active faith.                                               F.D.R.


Ability is what you're capable of doing.

Motivation determines what your do.

Attitude determines how well you do it.                                                    Lou Holtz       

  There are two ways of being rich.   One is to have all you want the other is to be satisfied with what you have got. Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.           Groucho Marx  

See Life as a Opportunity & Happiness as a Choice                    Jimmy Fallon

 Your attitude shapes you, breaks you or makes you.                                                                                GAD by BobYost (406)329-1437          Your Attitude shapes you, breaks you or makes youSo if you are having a BAD (bad attitude day) Make it a GAD (great attitude day) instead! Not BAD get GAD & instead of a bad have a GAD 

Inspirer your-self! Please do not say I can’t, but just say yes I can instead; so what does it hurt anyway!  It is OK; come on you all know this stuff and the sayings about; if you fall down; dust yourself off and  you  just  get up and keep tryin’ !  You pick yourself up and get back in the race. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. You may suck at first; but then practice, practice, practice; or try, try again.                       Yea that’s’ right!

With none or limit your negative thought with instead how about a smile (oh no not again; yes again) and how about a better more positive thinking in your very own mind and words for a great gift to yourself. Plus what about others; who you like or love or who are important to you! Again you all know this;      you all know the better you feel about yourself only   makes you better and positive for others.     Why not make others feel good too and then it only makes you feel the good life too.

OK smiling? Good deal because I want to touch on two common sense concepts that at times are hard to swallow or hard to carry out or may be tuff to do (tougher than exercise in the morning? I don’t think so) ha-ha. First hatred is a wasted emotion.  I do understand and I do it too, because a certain situation, a topic (like politics) or usually a person, pisses you off, upsets you, causes you pain and just makes you mad. We have all been there;  a not so nice person, a driver cuts you off or that guy who interrupts you when you’re talking (that is a problem for me, because I have a bad habit of doing that; oh sorry go ahead) you all know who and what makes you feel that emotion. Please do not waste your precious good time with that.  For sure I understand that is easier said than done, but they way you can look at it is why should I put myself through that negative feeling (that also just makes me feel bad) and instead let it go, get over it (don’t you hate that saying) but it is true. A nasty acting person does not and will not ruin me by letting those emotions get the better of me; plus some people get satisfaction out of hurting someone else; so in that case I am not going to return that satisfaction. Of course I understand (this can be tuff! Because some believe an eye for an eye, but how about just turning the other cheek so to speak) the bad stuff for sure will happen and will occur and come up in our life sometimes; but again it is my choice and an opportunity for a positive attitude in me instead. You may need to yes experience that emotion but then give it up! Do Not waste your time on hating others, (that just makes me feel bad anyway)  SO!’ don’t let that person have that over you! Negative thoughts hurt me so why do that to yourself.  I am not stupid about this and understand that a level of hate may occur due to the level of how bad the situation, event or circumstances was or are in our life; but if it ain’t that major a deal then do not make it any bigger with feeling bad. Again this happens to us all; but you have the power in your head when it is all said and done. Next or #2., On the flip side for example me; I interrupt people and must acknowledge my mistake, my wrong or what I do to others in any event and change that! Plus what?  I am sorry! Apologize, my fault, that was dumb and I did not mean it that way. Because me too and you too we all make mistakes and own up to it; to be that better person we all know we strive and want to be.  You owe that to yourself and others you contact in their lives. Simple respect of others can get you respect. That simple easy to understand issue in feeling the good life, we all want to be treated good; so you better treat others good too. As again we all know to treat others like you want to be treated.       

I realize that sometimes the predicament or issue or problem or encounter may be a tuff one to swallow.  But then again sometimes we have to be the better person; so instead of a good revenge type come back or take that you bum kind of attitude, the patience you show someone else may rub off on them  to change them for the better or for sure maybe they just are truly haven’ a bad day too. Of course tho; we all have encountered the person who just is and will be negative no matter what.  That is just sad and I do not buy into that feeling if I can help it. So instead treat that person with kindness which in the long run I believe is better for me any way.  Why do I want those negative feelings in my soul instead of: for example one of my college coaches thought he had to be this bad acting tuff jerk all the time and one time during practice in a blocking drill the guy across from me started getting mad and wanted to pick a fight and even hit me in the face mask which really only hurt his hand and I did not retaliate and that coach got mad at me. So now that me tell you why I did not retaliate because I was trained, coached and instructed in high school football that if another player did; do not retaliate because this then happens on the field you only may end up getting a penalty on yourself and in the real world think about this it may be the same outcome too.  So then on the other hand, if you think that is too much self control or whatever to be able to do this then how about this? So from then on I would always go out of my way to be nice to that coach and this even agitated him to where you could say I did get my revenge on him because it bothered him more for me to be nice to him because I would not get mad at  mad at him. Again why should I waste my energy, time, life and feelings on negative stuff any way?  Again I would rather avoid feeling bad than the opposite. Maybe a situation is different and no; you should not just get run-ed over by others but sometimes the fight just is not worth the battle for what the outcome if I choose to be the better person and want to feel better about it; for my sake. Plus also how about this; that kind of person acting bad or negative may end up doing this wonderful outcome anyway by an apologize (it does happen from time to time) or guess what sometimes like the coach it made him upset more that I was nice to him and that I did not stoop to his level so you could even say I truly did get him back because I did not play his game. That in end; I felt better and maybe down deep he might have learned a lesson. Sorry if that story does not resonate with you or was not the best example. I know and trust you can just fit your own experience or story to get this idea; as 99.9% of our re-action or action to a nasty situation with in turn a nasty, negative or hateful reply as our re-action results in a 99.9% lousy or bad outcome.  So this is that notion that how do you feel about honey? Do you think of honey as the sting of the bee or the sweetness of the taste.   You catch more good feelings with sweetness than the sting. You all know what I am saying. To take this a step further any action, thought or reply that is driven by fear, envy, jealously, and/or intimidation is not positive or for sure not healthy in any way.     So again a bad moment in time or thought or unpleasant encounter;  practice the positive action or encouraging admiration with constructive, hopeful re-actions, thoughts or feelings and feel the good life.

           Kindness to others  only  brings that kindness back to youYou get what you give (we all have heard it before and know it to be true)So way not try no matter what or how that person acts toward you; take it and throw that kindness right in thers face (try it) even if it at first;Maybe someone does not get it; but the next time maybe that personWill think with the next incouter to pass on the kindness . . . But even if they don’t; You Did! That is what is good for you;Plus most of the encounters will be the postive kind to be kind And to receive that kindness back even if just a smile; yea that smile.

 I think you get the idea of instead of lousy feelings, how about, feels the good life. 

Pleasant Positive Potent Patience feeling good in my head full of those kinds of thoughts is a much better place to be. Again you have heard it before; don’t sweat the small stuff!   Don’t let others drag you down to their level and how ever you can get there without that unpleasant feeling the better. Now for some folks that idea or act of getting even settle the score or retaliate back is what makes them feel better for what they think is a good pay back; is not where I choose to be.  Because in the long run I bet you have done this before just like me too; then later maybe I feel worth for my come back line when I got mad because what someone else said.  We have all been there right? My retaliating outburst for example; may be too harsh, mean or just something I regret later for saying. Again this is a really hard or tuff concept to sallow depending on the circumstance or event that triggered our anger. We have all been there also where someone says something derogatory or nasty to you; and you can’t think of a good come back to get them back right away; until later and you say to yourself; oh I wish I’d thought of that to say. Am I right? But again in the long run I believe you are better off and remember sometimes the very best thing to say is nothing; remember do not miss an opportunity to shut up. Or oh my goodness how about this idea when that nasty comment comes your way; instead reply in kindness.   Wow what an outlandish comment.  Or instead of a nasty comeback then instead ask them the question why would you say that? And guess what that person my even right then and there apologize or what if you heard them wrong or oh my mercy what if they are right? For whatever reason; that may the best solution or positive result for this episode with another person or group before I blurt out a nasty comeback and then even feel worst then in the long run. Again, sometimes just those little pauses in my hasty reaction may result in the best moment of me feeling the good life.   Just think about it for the selfish reason for me to as they said just let that bad or hurtful comment roll off my back and for me to move on with the feel the good life. Again it is my choice how I react for whatever happens to me; be it good or bad or in between; my answer is feel the good life.

Lets’ talk about life including the many ups and downs or plus the in betweens from that feeling of total bliss or total downer.         Come on now we have all been there and feel the overwhelming joy and happiness and then the other side of it> not so much.      It is an extremely powerful    and very simple equation of; do I dwell on the negative or positive?  Of course, you’re going to say positive (you always think that way) but I can’t; not so fast there if you have that type of thinking; because please, please, please lets’ just considered some ideas of what is good and what is bad (and is it really that bad). Plus you know and I know not every single minute of the day is the blissful feeling we all wish it was. Ok so lets’ take the opposite thought and run with it.  

There are only two ways to live your life.

           One is as though nothing is a miracle.

                  The other is as though everything is a miracle.                         Albert Einstein

Great point of feel the good life because most of us do experience more pleasant emotions, thoughts, events for the positive that should be our real concentration in life. You have heard it before the simple things in life are the best.  That is right and most of our existence in this place and time is not the worst but instead the better. It is true even if the simple notion of a cool glass of water takes your thirst away; that is good. I choose the path of celebrate the good even if it is just that simple little thing that happens. Please for your happiness depends on this idea and why not because I want that feel the good life.  If I can walk or exercise like I talked about before let me be clear here and I hate to shock you; that at times I may not feel like getting out walking in the hot or cold or for goodness sacks’ get up at 5 in the morning to work out and start with only water in my body every day; but you know what how about on the other end of this life spectrum that if I could not do those types of things; that would be not good for me so thank goodness for my  being able to do this. Whatever it is that happens to you that is not bad however simple it is; is better and should be feeling that idea of good stuff to feeling great.  You all know this that some days getting out of bed is tuff; but for god sacks the other of not being able to rise then you should celebrate just that daily event of that daily rise up and yes do it with that thought of how lucky you are to do this and then that is how about a smile to go along with that too. You get this that even a middle of road type of feeling or action is better than a bad one. Please embrace those simple every day events that are better than bad that is what we should concentrate on.  We all understand every minute cannot be a total top of the mountain extravagant high feeling; but even anything not in the bottom of the valley lousy feeling is better than that idea or feeling that you all know about. Of course a time or event or place is not good and then we all know it will get better too and does not last and you know it. If you don’t then that is again just take this small notation in my being that it will happen better than now.  You know what is so great; is that this is a just common sense practice and a simple easy idea that you, me and everyone does get it; but in those times of feeling down; we will rise out of it. Plus again and again the most of my choices it is to feel that chariest little morsel of our day;  even if that simple small time of eating a good tasting (whatever you want to imagine from Ice cream to chocolate to whatever type of food is your happy  pleasure)  then celebrate that, enjoy and feel the good life. Anything above bad is good; and that means all of it and again you have heard this before too; to count your blessings. I hate to say it but there is always others worst off than us. That is really true and I choose anything above bad to enjoy all that better to best to middle of the spectrum; as a good thing in feel the good life. 

If your down in the dumps, then think of a good thing. Let that be your guide to do and why not because I choose to feel better.  For example please even if you think you have to force yourself try this;   (before I go to bed think of a good thought or item or whatever is good  for you). Next if I have too?  Why not have a good day dream.  That is correct get the negative thoughts out.  That is down-right good and getting better with that Self-Positive Talk :) With a Smile is my choice to my being what I want for me to feel the good life.  Well is that crazy or talking out of your mind then so be it!  Because that is what I want! I am not hurting anyone else by this (maybe even making others feel better! That is good!)  and it is a good > better and best to feel the good life.  Pass it on. . . .

Patience and not frustration is what I want, what I need and is good for me; right? Oh is that a virtue that is and was and can be yours with practicing with patience. Now I was blessed with some degree of patience that I inherited from the most patience person I ever knew was my Mother. (Thank- you Mom!)     I know this is a tuff pill to swallow; a hard action to control; something that is not what a reasonable normal person could react to in a everyday situation  that would only make me frustrated, mad or upset but how about instead; patience and let it go. The best example is the one we all relate to when driving a car with all those other idiots on the road that don’t know how to drive as great as I do; right?  That jerk cut me off or pulled out in front of me or ran the light when it was my turn to go. I have to laugh at that one if you ever ran a yellow or was it close to red light to get though that intersection; you all know what I mean; come on; or that have you ever pulled out in front of someone; then just say that they were going to fast anyway; when have you ever not driven your car the way you think everyone else is suppose to drive like when you think they are in the wrong. This is a universal every day frustration that can happen on the road. Lets’ explore one that involves the use of speed up, go fast, burn the gas to get ahead of that guy to just sit and wait at the stop light longer! That is a good move because I want to use more gas, use up my brakes faster, put more wear and tear on my engine, have more chances for a fender bender  and the most important thing is that I may get to where I’m going at least a minute before if I had not raced to that stop light. Now this is where you say this is really crazy because everyone drives fast and that is what I do. And me I am crazy because I have no need for speed. So this is one thing I give to you and let it roll if you cannot control this. Because this is how I feel about going down the road and I see a red stop light ahead; I let off the gas and if I can coast to the light and just reach it in time to not have to brake and then move on; that is a total satisfaction for me and feel good moment.    So let me backup and use a time that patience paid off for me. I am at Safeway/grocery store to get a video (that my wife and I want to see). So I am at the service desk to check it out and no one is there and store lines at the other regular checkouts are busy and then electric power surge happens. So anyway I just pick up a new listing of videos coming soon to read and it is the weekend so I have time or then instead of making a big deal of it; I stand right at the check-out video  service counter and just wait at least 7 minutes  (which try that and wow let seems’ long and frustrating) . Finally a guy comes over to help (says sorry about the wait) he has to re-boot the system/register and the phone rings and it is busy and I just say man when it rains it pours and you can tell he is tired of it too. Any way he can’t complete the check out on the register to charge me because of the power surge so he just gives me the video! It was a payoff for waiting with patience that was funny because I was getting a little frustrated too waiting and then I realize and feel the good life because of myself then telling myself don’t sweat the small stuff when he says just take it with no charge.  I am not kidding; this video was not even checked out in my name; I could have kept it; but no because of good feelings now; I returned the video too and then again got a good feeling for doing the right thing. I know you have all heard this before; good golly molly , no not that but “don’t sweat the small stuff” and please do stop yourself and take an assessment of some of the little, small, tiny, ity-bitter items, thoughts or worries that are not worth the worry, stress or even who cares to waste my time sweating over. Who cares and again don’t sweat the small staff or even better the idea to waste my time as a worry wart about something I cannot control any way.  How about that and again you know this don’t sweat the small stuff. You know what I like is when I cannot remember that I was worried about something that I cannot remember what I was suppose to worry about.  How about this one when you have to decide which check- out line to get in because which is the fastest? Who has the most stuff to check out ahead of me or is that a better check- out clerk who would be faster?  Is that a hoot or what and I know I do this every time and then analyze oh if I had got in that other line I would have been out of here already. Yea that was worth my worry. Or how about which lane of traffic to be in while driving and oh no I would be ahead of that car and through a light if only; only; only I would have been in that other lane. Oh my lord, oh no and no is right; just stop and realize this is not worth the worry.  This is funny because as I am writing this I start to over think it and oh that little worry comes in my head that I’m I going on and on too much about this or oh no how about this. . . Plus please deprive yourself of believing you must be perfect. For those times and you know who you are: dissociate from the standards of perfection that alienate you from yourself or cause you to feel shame or negatively about who you really are. Again and again if your’ going fret over something don’t waste your time on the small stuff.        

You all know it “don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill” or is that feeling of frustration really worth what the heck is going on? Again of course some events, times or yes waiting in a check-out line can seem so bad; but again is it or was is or could it have been that horrible compared to what? I don’t think so and don’t choose to live it that way. Thanks so much for getting this far in alot of reading; byBobY (406)329-1437 thanks you! Waste your negativity for the truly major important stuff and then wait to see then, how good you may even handle that issue for the better to even surprise your-self.

You do have the power, mo-joe, attitude or feelings to draw on that are good inside you if you want.          Its’ funny because we spend big money for good feelings whether it is by; Ah the strange idea that man has always done was to alter his state of mind; as some may try to do this by a drug, booze, pot or prescription  to feel better is and by doing something, to have or buy something or to have good health ; but we refuse to do a simple, no cost, easy to do, anybody can do it, at any time, with ease of mind; oh my lord what could that be? Smile & feel good! “I don’t care if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway!” & remember when you were told as a kid; “I don’t care if you don’t want to; your’ going to do it and your going to like it”. Well? Plus if you do not preferred my overly simplified down to earth wording; then just for you all to choose the path of feel the good life; chromosomal heterozygosis-ty is the ability of a cell to choose one path or another; so you decide this, not me, not someone else, but you to choose smiling. Or it is always funny if you are smiling and then someone says’ to you, why are you smiling? Or are you on drugs or something; I just know that why not feel the good life. And now backup to driving again and that jerk who cut you off; what is the best gift you can give yourself in that situation; to tailgate the bum; no forgive instead; that is right that is for you not him; please for you; why waste your time on the negative instead of the positive because seeing something good in anything or anyone and with begin with that thought and a simple smile to feel the good life.

  Of course  as   we  must  realize  that  of every-thing  the every day events of  day  in  and  day  out   can- not  and will not always be perfectly full of fun..BUT  still  it  is   important   to   understand  the times that  most happen ARE good ones  or   great ones  or  even  average = so that  IS  OK+ feel the good life and  the  little things  that lead to a pleasant feeling;                                                                                        those  add  up  to   a   GOOD  THING in  ever-day-life &                                                   HERE  is   to  our  life(s)      and  each  small  or  big happens                                                  Shared joy of being.. . . . . One thing that can get in our way  of  feeling the good life or  the  good small joys’ of life                                                                                                              Is a negative wasted thought or being  too stubborn.                                          I must always stop  and  remind my self  of this self defeating trait                                     And NOT  be stubborn and move past that feeling                                                          And  DO   The  Correct thing  for  the  best of me and others too! Smile!      


I do know and understand were my blessings flow     In time  with  what  I have gained or what I have lost  Even In my brain or soul   . . .. Because I can still growHappiness is the satisfied satisfaction of feeling the good life.   You should pledge to your self  to feel the good lifeYou should and can and if you already do (good for you)Because who better to please than to please yourselfMust be for you so as to share and pass on the good feelings to othersThat only manifests to each of all of us and me to feel the good lifeWhy not tap into this within your very own existence; ya-ya that is heavy stuff but no not really again   why   not   act  more  like  this anyway.    Why not feel  good or even better feel  the best  of feel the good life.  

Be at it 

Be with  it

And  don’t  deny   it 

Smile – Breath – Laugh