Photo Page - not ready for prime time for sure

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Photo Gallery and Below is the Big Hole


?you know where this is off Mississippi St.

Great Music and in the Mood

1,597,623 Hits (before system off line)

More good stuff and a different joint

Long Bones >Heading West to the Baptisum Bar

He use-to use this to come to the Baptisum alot!

Best Hands On Recording and "love that dude"

?is that Zion?

oh happy day

alright Dino

Rock Lotto

Best Drums

wild cymbal

BEST Cymbals

below is Re-En-Acted?Spirit from down the main street from any joint or the Baptisum?

this is just one of the Several Joints that influenced and inspired the liftoff of the BaptisumBar, with many thanks to all those places-good or bad too.

my summer time ride about 9 miles a day

Trixi s in Ovando MT