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   Abraham  Lincoln famously said,  I'm sorry I wrote such a long letter, I didn't have time for a short one.      I understand what he meant by that and enjoy one of my shorts below!  

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He Was Dead In Bed.   Ah, I know what your thinking, yes he did have a smile on his face and it was not in the act of love making; even-tho yes he did have a joyful release before sleep over took him. He looked  content with a little  smirk on his face and his head propped up on extra pillows like he was still alive all tucked in with the sun filling the room with early morning light. If you did not know him, you might picture his life many different ways, but at least at this very second as you called out his name your mind flashed back in time with your picture of him.    You remembered a laughing silly event with some thing said off the wall as he did often and that made you smirk too. Where did he come up with that and are you kidding or what even-tho you were belly stomach rolling inside, ah yes it was a memory alright and a pleasant one at that.     Again you called out his name louder in hopes to wake him, but your smirk from a good memory turned to concern as you realized something was different. No movement meant now what you only could not want to even think as he lye there still. He had always slept on his back and was deep in rest, however would wake straight up right out off bed by this time of morning.    Even now I hoped for something silly from his mouth even if his eyes were closed.