Zapruder 1963 Dallas

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Zapruder (Not the only film taken that day) Dealey Plaza, Dallas TX-1963 and (see picture bottom of page)

8MM Movie Film of the 60s’ was so different than today.              My Dad was loading the plastic rolled up movie film in his Sears/Tower camera that you screwed on and off the lid that was the entire side of the black metal camera body. The camera was 3 inches wide by 4 inches deep and 7 inches tall. How did you power this up to get the film rolling; was by turning or winding up a built in crank. It had a triple lens system you could turn from wide, normal or telephoto; in just the flick of your wrist.You could not see that specific picture when filming, because all you had to see was by you holding your eye up to a tiny eye view finder as the camera rested up against your cheek bone. Little did he know that the Dealey Plaza would be forever remembered as he was about hundred feet up the street fromwhere the now famous Zurpurder film was being shot on that Dallas sunny day. The motor cade was approaching when oh no the film stopped. The film moving round and round made a loud constant noise as it curved in, through and around the metal gears that produced about 4 exposed frames of a picture a second that made it a picture in motion. How technical is that; but ok back to the film stopped and he tried to wind up the power again; but yes it had enough power as the force pushing back on the lever told him he knew that was not it; or oh no did I run out of film. The beauty of this 8MM film was that it exposed shot or used up only half of the film first and then gets this; you had to turn it over and it then used up or then shoot up the second side of the film. Notice the theme of shot a lot in this explanation; however no joke then you sent off the film and waited a couple of weeks for it to come back developed and the two parts of the film were spliced together so there was always midway in a film a break of action that was always choppy in content. Right now in a crowd next to the street the limo in front of my dad as he had to rest the camera on the top of this black leather boxed carrying case hanging around his neck; unscrew the metal lid and flip over the film and wind it back up in the gears; test the film moving to make sure it was wound up right to roll andthen screw back on the lid to get the camera ready again to getback up shooting. By this time as my dad with the flick of his wrist had turned and rotated to the telephoto lens as the film sound flicked movement of the fresh side of the film he is pointing a little downhill right at the back of the limo in plain sight as a tiny bang rang out and the head in the limo made an abrupt sudden movement!  Oh my lord you know the rest of the story; except for one major historical new development. At that most precarious moment in time that stopped the world in its tracks and after the development of film one note- worthy  ,  ,  ,             {see in Black Print BeLow for the rest of the story}

(zapruder below center' was being questioned) and my Dad's 8MM movie film is Mind Blowin' too, as he was 100 feet up from Abraham Zapruder and filmed directly behind the limo as the bullet that changed history like Abraham Lincolns' head shot too, could re-direct our future course. America, where only two pieces of lead can burn our landscape forever.

BeCause proof of the Other Shots Fired

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<p>OTHER ANGLE OF OTHER BULLETS SHOT BECAUSE OF Then My Dad hit the side on the camera to a tiny lever switch to slow motion. Regular speed of the film was normal pace of what you saw as the slow motion speed would of course slow down the action like they do in all those sports replays we watch. But to do this in The old plastic film version it increased the <>film speed and the Extra >number of frames exposed. THE U.S. Govt., believe they got my Dad's ONLY original copy.</p>