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Please tell me where is the Baptisum Bar; I want to go there!

Plus let me live the Good Life.Innocent

Dr. Ploy of Albuquerque, N.M.   . indicated did Not have a baptisum bar in this town; but the Good Life is where I hope to be  .   .  .  . 

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: yelled; the Baptisum Bar? no; not me, never been there; I do'nt even know where it is! but would like to find it!Laughing

LOOK (Daily Writers’ Corner) stated. . . .The author makes you work for it as some writing is a tuff laborious read where you better have use of a thesaurus along for the ride in the Baptisum Bar. I am not comparing him to a David Foster Wallace in use of so many adjectives or that his English/writing professor might give him a D-; except that the ”intoxication of the story” does make me want to go to that bar.

  Review by the Weekly Story Teller Quote goes on to state:                                                                                                                                 Have you ever been in a bar inebriated and drunk? The authors' writing is like watching a silent movie of the Baptisum Bar {READ STORY}.  The overly exaggerated eyes and facial expressions of the silent movie actors is the same over the top extravagant words, ideas and phrases used by BobY. So just take in this wild writing approach as he makes you use your imagination and just enjoy this tall tale.                               Next in The GOOD LIFE he produces a self-help analogue on "Live the Good Life" with a daily or weekly routine of some practical if not impossible to do by my standards; a collection of ways to act, be and live your life.  So good luck with that as if the author could really live this way. This is a long, tall tale to live up to, but I wish a lot of people including myself acted this way.    

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